gabrielle alyce castillo.
happily in love with my bestestfriend, gabriel.
18, ca. psych//media communications student.
film, fashion, and music enthusiast.
pugs, cats, yellow, books, tolkien, LOtR, doctor who, kurt, the beatles, disneyland, polka dots, europe, butterflies, and rasberry tea.


Every Little Thing!

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Also I think I’m in love with my mass & media professor. He’s so intelligent it blows my mind lol


I’m so very content with my life right now, and I think this is the most content I’ve ever been. As much as I dislike having a set schedule with work and school, I guess it isn’t too bad.. at least I’m not bored and unproductive. I’m losing touch with people because of my schedule, and I’m ok with that for some reason.

Girls who don’t allow their boyfriends to have any female friends worry me ???? Nothing is more irritating when an insecure girlfriend asks me if I allow my boyfriend to have female friends, then continues to ask why when I say yes. Lol that’s just me. It’s like they try to make you feel like you’re being cheated on? Come on girls, trust your man lol.



do you ever get attached to like one line or phrase from a song and it holds so much meaning to you but no one else understands how powerful those few words are to you

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ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas

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one time i took a picture of a tiger at the zoo and the tiger smiled for the picture it was very great and the best picture i’ve ever taken


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I shop for way too many clothes. I still have clothes from middle school & the beginning of high school that I wear often, plus a bunch of recently bought clothes. When I had my first job, all I did was spend my money on clothes. my parents need to give me bills or something cause I just spend my money on food and clothes :( Lol





Saving dauphins is expected, but this guy saves a shark!!!
Thank you sir, for showing us there’s still some hope for humanity!

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I had a look at the original video and news articles about this. Apparently the man was fishing and accidentally hooked the great white shark, but cut it loose; then he realized the poor thing was beached. What you don’t see here is what’s possibly the most awesome part: he realized the shark still had his hook in its mouth and went to the effort of removing the hook.

From the mouth of a live, distressed great white shark.

Which he then got back into the water and set free.

His name’s Shane Cox, and he’s a pretty damn awesome Australian for that.

the fuck is a dauphin??

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